My blogs

Today I was once again upgrading all the software I use for my blogs. Lately I spend a lot more time upgrading the software than writing posts. It doesn’t take too much time as I automated most of the process, except that I still need to download and push to my own git repositories the latest […]

Hats in a head

Everybody have more than one role in life. But most of the time we are just performing one of those roles, and change the hat we are using several times along the day. If we are lucky we sleep being just ourselves, resting, without dreaming about anything strange – sometimes one or more of our […]

on Dailymail – Steve Jobs dead: Brilliant, yes, but he wasn’t an Einstein

There is an  interesting story on the Dailymail… interesting in a british way. I’ll not argue if Jobs was or not the most important person on the planet, but I don’t see how someone can compare him with the “Pope” or the “Dalai Lama”. It’s not that I don’t see that some Popes where important […]

It’s December

It’s December. The shortest day of the year is approaching at high speed. The temperature is low, but after some time you start adjusting to it. And I guess that after you’re exposed a lower temperature and then the temperature rises a bit, your body see it as a blessing, and is thankful for the […]