Blogs, Blogs and still more blogs

I have a lot of blogs. And I’m really lazy.

And when the task I’m doing is migrate blogs from one platform to another, I start asking myself…

  • Should I migrate them all?
  • Should I kill some of them?
  • Should I keep them in the current platform until I have time to migrate them? In this case I still need to migrate them from the current servers to the new one.
  • Which ones do I keep, which ones should I kill?

Well, three of them (four if Catarina’s blog counts) are already on the new server, using WordPress. It’s not completly fair, because in this one and Catarina’s we just started from post zero. And the InfoDump only have a small part of the content of the previous version.

The fourth is already being migrated – I’m coping the content to the new version, but it’s a lot of content – 45 pages of 13 posts…

Well, tomorrow is another day. For now it’s time to sleep!

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