Reload, using WordPress

For too long I used my own blog engine, that is still available, and that I still use in some of my blogs. But that will be a thing of the past soon. Very soon I would like to say. Unfortunately, migrate all the blogs I have, including porting the content to the new versions take time. A lot more time than I would like to spend on this task.

It was fun having my own blog engine, specially because I started mine before a lot of the engines that exist today were started. I started the project because I didn’t liked what was available at the time, and because I wanted to learn quicker how to do things.

It was useful. But, specially because today there are a lot of blog engines that are very powerful, supported and used, it doesn’t make sense anymore to keep using it. I think that WordPress is today the blog engine with the bigger user base and with more templates and plugins available. I used it in the past on projects for clients and those are the reason I will be using WordPress from now on, instead of any other solution existent.

I’m not yet sure if I will migrate any of the content on the old version of this blog, time will tell.

For now, this is the reload of theMage – yes, in English from now on.

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