on Dailymail – Steve Jobs dead: Brilliant, yes, but he wasn’t an Einstein

There is an  interesting story on the Dailymail… interesting in a british way. I’ll not argue if Jobs was or not the most important person on the planet, but I don’t see how someone can compare him with the “Pope” or the “Dalai Lama”.

It’s not that I don’t see that some Popes where important and visionary people – but not the current one, for sure. Not that the Daila Lama had some important contributes to the world culture, but what can really be pointed to the current reencarnation of Dalai Lama?

Steve was, I would bet, one of the firsts to say how important the work of oncologists and thousands of other researchers is for all and everyone of us. But the true is that oncologists were not able to save him. And the amazing work that happened around him in the last 30+ years changed the way people is today able to do research, and almost everything else they usually do.

Even the lives of those who don’t use computers was changed, because other do.

It’s easy to miss the supermarket registers, it’s easy to miss the millions of computers that everyday are used to manage the gigantic supply chains around the world and make it way easier for the small supermarkets or stores in our neighborhood to have most of the products we consume every day.

It’s easy to ignore how easy it is for a researcher to share is finding and theories today, and ignore how it was shared before, and how hard it was to find out anything.

Was Steve the most important person in the world? Maybe not. But he is for sure one of the persons that were in the center of the most important changes of our time. Him, not the Pope and not the Dalai Lama. Anyone is welcome to disagree with this, but should also try to publish his opinion online with using a personal computer.

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