Feed up-to-date, podcasts next

Sometime ago… to much to correctly remember it, I used to follow a lot of feeds and ear a lot of podcasts on a daily basis. That was on the time of the 3h daily commute, using a MP3 player and a netbook at the same time while waiting for the train, riding the train, changing to the metro, riding the metro – to work and back.

Now I replaced the netbook with an Android based tablet, I still use a MP3 player, but my commute is a small 15 minutes walk, which means that I need to take sometime at home to keep up-to-date with all the feeds I was following. For now I just scanned everything that was in my backlog for months. At this moment, the gReader open at my side in my tablet says that I have only two unread posts.

But I still need to catch up with the podcasts. For now I have 11GB of mp3 files to ear, that I am transferring to the player. Lets see in the coming days if I can start reducing the backlog on that front as well.

Anyway, the most important thing is that above all, I can do all that (and keep posting some new stories on my blogs) with lose the track on the most important thing around… my girl.

One thought on “Feed up-to-date, podcasts next

  1. Prima says:

    conversa demasiado high-tech. não entendi isso dos feeds e GM :c mas desde que tu te organizes.
    miss you and your spouse.
    kiss <3
    p.s: quando tiver idade quero apagar o simões do nome e depois vou ficar Inês Neves 😀 como tu x) <3

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