Have you been to this meeting?

I have the feeling that when this post is published I’ll be in a meeting that have everything to go pretty much like this one.

I truly hope that we manage to find a solution that works for everyone and that is way better that what we are going into this meeting with.

As Seth (in Have you been to this meeting?, where I got the video from) I can’t say that there is anyone evil involved in this project, but I really feel that the expert in the video:

- But, but… not, it doesn’t really work like that. Let me explain this a bit better…

Andrius Kovelinas

yin-yang by Andrius Kovelinas


While looking for an image for a post that will be published here tomorrow around lunch (and that I ended not using) I found Andrius Kovelinas portfolio (I don’t think this is an official portfolio, but it’s the best I could get.

But, the point is that if I’m ever going to spend 4 digits in a painting, the first one should be from this guy. I love the expressions, I love the colors, I love the details.

If anyone have a better link for him, please send it to me.

Hats in a head

Everybody have more than one role in life. But most of the time we are just performing one of those roles, and change the hat we are using several times along the day.

If we are lucky we sleep being just ourselves, resting, without dreaming about anything strange – sometimes one or more of our roles manages to get into our dreams and we end having a night that is not restful or fun.

Then we wake up and start juggling hats. We may put the professional hat and remind ourselves that we need to wake up and go to work, or we may turn to the person we slept with us to say good morning with our partner/lover hats on, or we may remember – with our caretaker hat on – that someone else needs to get up because they are the one who need to get somewhere.

And we keep changing those hats all day long. Some of our hats are made of several little hats, several smaller and more specific parts of our role that need to be done, and then even while we are using the same big hat we still keep changing the small one.

But, to me the questions are:

- How many hats can a single person have and still manage to perform each of those roles as expected?

- How do you choose when you start to have too many rules, and some of them start to be neglected in favor of some other role? How do you prioritize those you try harder and those you will neglect?

- How do you handle the guilt or the frustration of not giving as much attention to some of the things you would like to work more in?

What you (don’t) want

Most of us would like to have everything we want and nothing that we don’t want.
That’s a great idea, but sometimes (should I say most of the time) it is not that simple.
Some of the things we want include or imply some of the things we don’t want.
When that happens how do we weight one against the other?



Writing on Starbucks

The Muse doesn’t show up just because you want her to. But sometimes you can help. Change place, change the time, change the topic. I’m thinking that noisy places without company work better for me – tram and coffeeshop (the smokeless ones) are two of the successfully tested. At this moment I was writing “Changing People”, to be published in Godless Faith.