stuff multinational internet companies don’t get

There are a few things multinational internet companies don’t seem to understand: Location and language don’t always match – even when a users are proficient with the local official language, they may still prefer to use a different language – but there are a lot of users who may not be proficient enough to use the […]

on Dailymail – Steve Jobs dead: Brilliant, yes, but he wasn’t an Einstein

There is an  interesting story on the Dailymail… interesting in a british way. I’ll not argue if Jobs was or not the most important person on the planet, but I don’t see how someone can compare him with the “Pope” or the “Dalai Lama”. It’s not that I don’t see that some Popes where important […]

The missing gas counter

I’m living on this apartment for three months now and the rent includes everything – it’s common here in Amsterdam. When I rented the apartment, the real estate agent showed me the apartment, as well as the electricity counter. But no mention of a gas counter were made. Some weeks ago a guy ringed the doorbell and announced himself […]