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My name is Marco Neves, but online you will find me more times using the nick themage than my name.  I’m lazy, you see, and using a short nick like themage – don’t ask about where it come from – it’s a long history, and probably you will be happier while you don’t know – is easier than writing always my full name – I think that these days I almost don’t use it (my full name) at all.

I’m a webdevel, I use mostly the programming language Perl. Perl is a tool I like a lot, and that I know how to use. Not as much as some people around me – I work on a company that uses mostly Perl, and that have a lot of very good Perl programmers.

I started programming for web in 2000, in the Portuguese portal Sapo. That was the best school I had up to this day. It was the best company and the best team I worked for in Portugal. By a distance so big that it’s not even fun, that is not even fair.

In Portugal, from 2002 (when I get out of Sapo) to 2010 (when I come to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands), I worked as Linux Sysadmin for the portal IOL, I created and bankrupted my own micro-company, worked as freelancer Webdevel for Sapo and a couple of small businesses, and worked as WebDevel/mostly teamleader for Clix.

Now I’m working for an online Dutch company. I’m just another Perl Devel in the crowd.

Other than that, I’m a guy with a lot of ideas, several blogs and a couple websites, who try to understand how to make money online, who don’t think the current state of the economy and the way governs a bit around the blog this economy and society are far from perfect, but those are subjects of other blogs. theMage is mostly about me, my life, my way of thinking, my frustrations and my victories – yes, my small victories.

The Other blogs

  • Anarcodemocracia – It’s a blog in Portuguese about politics, culture and society.
  • Paginas Tantas – Another blog in Portuguese, this is about books, some of the books I liked.
  • InfoDump – Do you know those things you send by email to all your friends? I publish them in Info Dump. It about anything and everything I find fun, useful, interesting…

This list is not complete yet, but I’m migrating every blog, I’ll add them here as I migrate them.

I hope you enjoy this blog,


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