The missing gas counter

I’m living on this apartment for three months now and the rent includes everything – it’s common here in Amsterdam. When I rented the apartment, the real estate agent showed me the apartment, as well as the electricity counter. But no mention of a gas counter were made. Some weeks ago a guy ringed the doorbell and announced himself […]

My oldest memory

There are a lot of stories that parents always tell about us. But which is the oldest memory you really have of your live? My earliest memory is from my grandmothers home, when my closest family was still living the the house I already told you about in Land of Free men. My closest family […]

Land of free men

Portugal is a country of strong contrasts. It’s, today, a country with a vast over urbanized sea-coast, and with a mostly inhabited interior. But, and that what I find more interesting, iit’s a country with villages very closed (every house is built next to another house), and villages where every house have it’s own space. […]

The Political Compass

Economic Left/Right: -5.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.59 Well, it looks that I’m a Left anarchist. Like that was anew thing… see my other blog (in Portuguese – I found this test on Frederico’s Blog. You can do the test your self in the Political Compass.