Confort Zone

The idea that you should step out of your confort zone was clearly created by someone who just likes to to jump from one thing to the next. I, for one, clearly do my best job in my confort zone, and the best way to expand my confort zone is by nudging its borders. Not […]

stuff multinational internet companies don’t get

There are a few things multinational internet companies don’t seem to understand: Location and language don’t always match – even when a users are proficient with the local official language, they may still prefer to use a different language – but there are a lot of users who may not be proficient enough to use the […]

Hundred doves

This is a math riddle often asked in Portugal to kids who are good at math. There are two versions of the same riddle, but if you can do one, you will most likely be able to do the other – I leave you both, just in case: A hawk flies by a flock of […]

Energy and sleep

Some days I have the feeling that sleeping is essential to keep productive. Other days the fun of keeping working on something takes all the need for sleep away. It’s not only how much we sleep that matters, it seems, but also what is keeping us from sleeping.

The Dream work

One of the things that keeps surprising me is the lack of dreams. I understand quite well those who don’t do anything or that don’t manage to finish much – I’m planing on buying one of those T-Shirts that say “I put the Pro in procrastinator” – After I start writing this story I did replace […]