My oldest memory

There are a lot of stories that parents always tell about us. But which is the oldest memory you really have of your live?

My earliest memory is from my grandmothers home, when my closest family was still living the the house I already told you about in Land of Free men. My closest family moved to our own house when I was four or five – I think, so at the time this happened I was, maybe, four years old. My sister and my cousin – a girl the same age my sister – are both an year younger than me, so they should have around three years.

My grandmother house had this flat ceiling, that we could get over using the stair to the higher house. That ceiling was at the same level as the lowest side of another of the houses roof – my grandmother’s, and in the front of the house existed a pile of sand – to be used in construction, I remember that pile of sand there for years – and I know that I used to jump from the roof to the sand. I know it, but I don’t remember it.

I remember that on this day I was in the flat with my sister and my cousin. And I got to the roof, and while I was preparing to jump to the sand my sister and my cousin started yelling with me that I should not jump. I didn’t care, obviously. My cousin was the closest one, and when I jump she tried to grab me.

It didn’t work as she expected, obviously. I was heavier and stronger, and gravity was stronger than both of us. We ended both on the top of the sand pile. I was lying in the sand, with my face down – I usually would end on the sand over my feets – and my cousin was on top of me screaming!

It was not a high house, and the pile of sand made the fall not that all, and the landing pretty soft. But my grandmother, mother, her mother and god know who else come out running asking why was the girl screaming so much!

That is my first memory, I guess it was the first violent memory I had – and I always found it very amusing, as I didn’t really get hurt, and neither did my cousin. And it was when I learned that sometimes boys and girls should just play apart.

What about you, which is you oldest memory?

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