What you (don’t) want

Most of us would like to have everything we want and nothing that we don’t want.
That’s a great idea, but sometimes (should I say most of the time) it is not that simple.
Some of the things we want include or imply some of the things we don’t want.
When that happens how do we weight one against the other?



Writing on Starbucks

The Muse doesn’t show up just because you want her to. But sometimes you can help. Change place, change the time, change the topic. I’m thinking that noisy places without company work better for me – tram and coffeeshop (the smokeless ones) are two of the successfully tested. At this moment I was writing “Changing People”, to be published in Godless Faith.

Rembrandtplein by night

Some places have a special light. Some have amazing dawn, others incredible sunsets, others… well, others like the Rembrandtplein are full of light at night. One of the central squares in Amsterdam, Rembrandtplein is where several clubs, bars and restaurants are, and that shows by the huge amount of bright neon and led panels you can see all around the square.