Dear authors

Dear authors,

I love to read. And the space in my shelves is more than gone.

I know that a lot of you are already being published in digital formats, but If that is limited to the big publishers who use DRM, don’t count me as a client.

But in general I’m more than willing to pay for your work. But I only in an open format, DRM-free – epub is my personal preference.

Now, personally I get most of my ebooks from smash words, but if I really want to get your book, I’ll find your site and where to get the book from.


We just created a new word at coffee today:

Artscribing – artscribing is the art of creating meaning for and/or describing pieces of art, specially for abstract modern pieces that don’t have any apparent visual resemblance with pre-existing things.

In a less formal way, what it really means is taking some meaning or description for a piece of art out of one’s ass.


Streaming Average

Just because I keep forgetting it and having to find out all the math manually again!

The two main reasons to use something like this is if your total is too big and you don’t care about standard deviations – I’m pretty sure we can come up with a streaming formula for the standard deviation as well.

Also, if you @rows is some type of stream in which you have a way to get the next value and you want to know the average so far at any given point, this is the way to do it.

Beal’s Conjuncture

One of this days I come across the Bael’s conjuncture and the Bael’s Prize.

The conjecture is a generalization of Fermat’s Last Theorem, that states:


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This is still a conjecture, meaning that it was not proved or disproved. And that got me thinking, because it doesn’t seemed that hard of a problem. It didn’t take long for that to turn into a dialog between the (ex-)Math student me and the programmer me.

The programmer said that all it takes is a script to test a decent chunk of all the possible combinations until you find a case that doesn’t satisfy the needed requisites, while the math student argued that that would only work if the conjecture was not true, because you can’t brute force a math prove for Error: must have write access Read the official wpmathpub plugin FAQ for more details.

Which is true. The only way to truly prove that the conjecture is valid (and making it a theorem) is going through one of the several methodologies mathematics define for this.

This is, maybe, something for a day I feel really bored. And most likely the programmer will win and try to find a counter-example first.

My blogs

Today I was once again upgrading all the software I use for my blogs. Lately I spend a lot more time upgrading the software than writing posts.

It doesn’t take too much time as I automated most of the process, except that I still need to download and push to my own git repositories the latest versions of the plugins and themes I use – as I needed to make small adjusts in some of them.

That, however, is the less important part of this. The important part is that since August this is the second post I publish, being that the first one was a couple of weeks ago – this comic. And that is across all the nine of my blogs.

Me and My Phones

A bit more than a week ago I got a new OnePlus One and last weekend I spent some time installing and configuring it. Changing phone is always a painful experience, even if Google make it easier with Nexus phones.

Until now I was using a Nexus 5, and before that a Galaxy Nexus (yes I did skip the Nexus 4, as I don’t need or want to always have the newest phone in the market).

The main reason that made me buy the OnePlus One (OPO) as soon as I got an invite was that I was getting really annoyed with the lack of a way to manage permissions on the Nexus Android. Google Android had that functionality back in Android 4.2 or 4.3, and removed it in Android 4.4.2. As far as I could tell for the time I was using that functionality, there was no good reason to remove it, as I didn’t have any real trouble with any app.

But, more than that, Google is working around the Android permissions by using the Google Play Services to give any apps using their libs unblockable accesses – I mean, you can block the “Google Play Services” from accessing your location, but the the Google Maps will not work, or you can allow every single app to access your location.

for some time I thought about installing CyanogenMod on my Nexus 5, but I’m not really a fan of all the work that implies – I mean, I use Debian Linux on my desktops, but that’s mostly because I don’t really like to spend time with antivirus and crap like that – I keep updating my Linuxes and they keep working the way I configure them – every couple of years I replace one of them, spend a couple of days configuring them the way I like them and that’s it – Next time I get a new one I’ll probably even automate that process.

So, when I saw that OPO was being released I tried to get an invite, and finally a friend sent me one, so I got it. So, now I’m using the OPO for a week. And in general I’m happy with it. Except that the full disk encryption is not work, which really annoys me. It does, however, annoys me less that the apps having access to everything, and that’s the only reason I’ll stick with the OPO for now.

To me, now, it’s a matter of which of two things happen first: Google releases a new version of Android with proper support for access restriction or the OPO getting an OTA (Over-the-air) update that will fix the problem with the full disk encryption. I’m almost ready to be that the second will happen first, specially because I don’t thing that Google wants to lose the access they now have to every single information we have in our phones. And most users don’t care enough.

Also, from this week using the OPO, I tried using several happens with “always ask” option set for several accesses. For instance, Facebook tries to get your location everytime you open it, once. The new Foursquare app gets your location once for each single block of the app. But the one app I simply uninstalled because I was not really using it was Evernote Hello – the app asks tries to get your location so many times that the phone ended blocking. It’s also interesting to see that their “Buzz based connect” – the thing they have to connect people in a meeting – doesn’t really work without location, so the buzz is just for the show. It does NOT work.

Also, I would like the “Privacy Guard” defaults to be a lot more restrictive or configurable than they are. For instance, they allow the apps to take pictures, to record audio, get your location. So, yes, immediately after I install any app, I’ll get check what they have access to and remove as many permissions as I think as worth.

Talk with your kids about sex

This video can be seen in primetime in most TV channels in the Netherlands. The text in the black boxes in the end of the video says:

Kids watch pen in the internet.

Talk with them about sex
Before they do it.

It doesn’t say “watch out and forbid them from using the computer” or “don’t let them in the computer alone” or any of the many other usual discourses that can be found else where.

It puts the emphasis in the right place. As a parent it’s your responsibility to talk with your kids about sex if you wasn’t to have any control over the message. And you should do it earlier, not later.