The missing gas counter

I’m living on this apartment for three months now and the rent includes everything – it’s common here in Amsterdam.

When I rented the apartment, the real estate agent showed me the apartment, as well as the electricity counter. But no mention of a gas counter were made. Some weeks ago a guy ringed the doorbell and announced himself as being from the gas/electricity company and being here to read the electricity and the gas counter.

I told him that I did know where the gas counter was, pointed him to the electricity counter, and invited him to look around for the gas counter. Without success. Sometime later, the same happened, but this time a different guy was just looking for the gas counter. He also looked around, and didn’t found the counter.

I didn’t thought much about the subject, but yesterday I had another questions for the landlord, and send an email with the my questions, including where was the gas counter.

Today I got the answer for that:

It should be in a crawlspace behind the dishwasher in the apartment.

My first question was What’s a crawlspace? but once that was cleared, I started wondering how was it possible that a crawlspace existed somewhere around the sink dishwasher and I never noticed it.

I got back home today, and got looking for the crawlspace around the sink. There is none.

This was when I thought.. It can’t be! But the true was to painful to avoid. There was another dishwasher in the apartment. The dish washing machine. But the dish washing machine is…

Well, I wouldn’t be able to describe it precisely, so I’ll let you see for yourself…

gas counter

I think it will be very fun the next time some come to the apartment to read the gas counter.

I call this the WTF moment of the … Well, I will let you decide how long this is worth.

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