Apple Swift

Apple launched a new programming language called swift. After s quick look at the docs, the language seems to deserve a second deeper look. There are several things on it that look interesting. But for now, there is one example from the documentation I need to share with you: var occupations = [ “Malcolm”: “Captain”, […]

the Codeless Code: Feedback

At breakfast the visiting novice monk sat next to one of the senior abbots. “Why are there so few women in this temple?” asked the novice monk. “Because very few girls apply for admittance anymore,” replied the abbot. “Why is that?” asked the novice monk. “Because it is widely known that most girls do not […]

Andrius Kovelinas

  While looking for an image for a post that will be published here tomorrow around lunch (and that I ended not using) I found Andrius Kovelinas portfolio (I don’t think this is an official portfolio, but it’s the best I could get. But, the point is that if I’m ever going to spend 4 […]

Hats in a head

Everybody have more than one role in life. But most of the time we are just performing one of those roles, and change the hat we are using several times along the day. If we are lucky we sleep being just ourselves, resting, without dreaming about anything strange – sometimes one or more of our […]