Random things about me

Tonight, while listening to Rui Veloso – Do meu vagar some random things about me come to mind:

  • I love Portuguese music,  Rui Veloso, Luis Represas, Mafalda Veiga and Xutos & Pontapés above them all.
  • I love to read and like to write.
  • I have to much blogs.
  • I live now in Amsterdam, but I’m Portuguese.
  • I’m almost always eating.
  • I’m my best friend.
  • I like to spend time alone and never get bored only by myself. That is specially true if I have internet access.
  • My two favorite writers are Robert Heinlein and Paulo Coelho.
  • I believe in a very special concept of magic(k) and reading Brida (from Paulo Coelho, the first book from him I did read) was the first time I thought about the subject.
  • I believe in Polyamory and the first time I got in contact with the subject was while reading Friday by Heinlein (no, not Strange man from a strange land – I did read Friday first, and only later Strange man from a strange land).
  • My favorite book so far is not from one of those authors. It’s “A Lua de Joana”, a portuguese book for teenagers, that is intended as a diary of an adolescent girl (Joana) who get into drugs and dies of overdose. It’s an intense book, that I recommend to any Portuguese reader – I don’t think the book was ever published in any other language.
  • I only go to cinema to see “Entertainment movies”. Cinema, for me, it’s time to turn the brain off and relax. Don’t make me think.
  • My favorite TV Show type is SciFi Series. I love StarTrek, as much as it is possible to love it without being a trekkie. I don’t like the original series, but I like Picard a lot and love Voyager, my favorite one. I like Entreprise (the serie about the first Entrepise Star Ship, but don’t like the last episode at all).

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