Welcome to Hell

“Any given Saturday” (Um sábado qualquer) is a Brazilian comic from Carlos Ruas about gods – lots of them, from the Christian God and his son to the Nordic, Egyptian and the African and traditional Brazilian gods – they all show up now and then. This one strip is about hell…


the conversation goes like this:

– Welcome to hell! Football starts at 14h, the barbecue starts at 16h, the strip show starts at 17h…

– You are not going to torture my soul for all eternity?

– Of course not, little fool. God made that up to frighten you.

– You are here because you didn’t follow the words of god, right?

– Right.

– I’m also here because I didn’t follow the words of god! Welcome to Paradise!

I’m saying this for years. Who want to go to heaven? Everyone praying and behaving very up-tight… it sound like hell to me.

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